Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 3: Self Introduction

You are going to do a self-introduction to the class by putting up a post in this class blog (via email).

The introduction should include

  • Name (what you would like others to call you)
  • 1 to 2 strengths that you would like others to know
  • 1 area that you hope to improve on in this coming year
  • 1 sports activity that you like
  • 1 thing you like to do over the weekend
How to do it...
  1. Use Photo Booth to take a picture of yourself.
  2. Upload the photo, together with your introduction to your email. You will be given an email address to send your email to.
  3. The Subject Title of the blog should be "Activity 1: Self Introduction - MY FULL NAME" (e.g. Activity 1: Self Introduction - Eunice Ang Bee Choon)
  4. Your introduction will be automatically posted on this blog.