Thank you.

 Dear S1-08, I hope you are enjoying this weekend and recharging yourselves, including those who are recovering. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your tremendous effort in making Friday night possible for your parents. Here is my list of thank yous...

1. To the food committee people for feeding the class with burgers and pizzas. Thank you Ming Yang, Darren, Dominic and Cameron for taking the orders and even tending to special orders. :D

2. To the chirpy ushers who greeted parents with so much enthusiasm and provided directions personally. Thank you Jean Yee, Jamie, Dylaine, Alvin and Saishwar. I am quite sure the parents have not forgotten some of your voices yet. >.<

3. To the setup crew for putting up the decorations and transforming the classroom into a welcoming place within a short time. Thank you Zhi  An, Pravin, Nicholas and Marcellus. Don't worry Zhi An, we'll find a way to put up your remaining poster safely. ;)

4. To the presenters for doing the class proud. Thank you Hamidshah, Ragul, Nathaniel and Yong Hong for volunteering your skills, time and effort for the videos and slides. I could see how impressed the parents were and how proud you made your own parents. ^_^

5. To my 4 sick boys and 1 boy preparing for his robotics competition, you are not forgotten. Guo Jin, Jun Wei, Hung Kye, Princeton and Issac, you will always have a chance to join us in the next class event. Meanwhile, the collar pins are awaiting you when you return so get well soon. >_<

Mr Fong